The Witching Hour Jigsaw

By Lisa Parker

 From the untamed and magical imagination of leading fantasy & wildlife
artist Lisa Parker, this magical jigsaw is exclusively available
as part of Nemesis Now’s Premium high-quality alternative wholsesale giftware range. Resting on some leather-bound occult books on top of a section of wooden table,
this black cat reclines, tail curled up inquisitively as it looks up at you.
A curled scroll lies on the table next to a candlestick, almost burnt down to the nub,
 the flickering flame burning merrily. Lisa Parker’s imagination brings this piece to life, giving any space the air of mystical study.
 Measuring 70 by 50 cm, and consisting of 1000 pieces,
this jigsaw is the perfect challenge for puzzle-solvers of all ages

Warriors Of Winter Jigsaw

Warriors Of Winter: Two wolves in a snow-covered landscape stand in front of a pool of water, the full moon in the clear night sky behind them. One stands vigilant, the other dips to drink from the pool, but both stare directly at you.
 The vivid artwork means that the heat of the wolves’ breath
 in the crisp night air can almost be felt.
Measuring 70 by 50cm, the jigsaw is 1000 pieces,
making it a challenge your entire wolf pack can enjoy.

Only £8.99


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