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ZindyNEW! Zindy Pendants...Zindy S.D. Nielsen

My name is Zindy S. D. Nielsen & I live in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark. Art has been a passion of mine since 2000-2001. I drew when I was a little girl but it wasn’t till later on I found my true passion for drawing. Through the years I have tried different mediums & emotions but to this day charcoal remains my favourite &
 I’ll always love drawing emotive sad girls.

I’m a bit of a melancholic girl although I am quite positive in general.
I’ve always found beauty in sadness & I love portraying it. I think it’s one
of the most powerful things; drawing out emotions. I find my inspiration in
a lot of things such as nature, people around me, music and most of all my emotions Unleash The Butterflies By Zindyand things I have experienced.An Angel Too Soon By Zindy In Aid Of The Sophie Lancaster Foundation

I love the magical world of angels, fairies & butterflies. It reminds me of my sweet childhood dreams & I think we all should keep dreaming as much as possible in this world... Zindy

We are very pleased to announce that we have a collection of Zindy’s art available as photographic (A4 or 16x12) or canvas prints (16x12).
Just click on the pictures for a bigger
version & the available printing options...

Dead Rose By Zindy
A Dream Of Love By Zindy
Angel For Sale By Zindy
Bleeding Heart By Zindy
Dark Hope By Zindy
Disillusion By Zindy
Frozen Hearts By Zindy
Elements Of Blue By Zindy
Fairy Girl By Zindy
Lost Dreams By Zindy
Snow White By Zindy
Haunted By Zindy
Rest My Love By Zindy
Love Spell By Zindy
Tears Of Yesterday By Zindy
Strengthening Tears By Zindy
The Light Fairy By Zindy
The Sad Angel By Zindy
The Broken Doll By Zindy
Waiting By Zindy
Unforgivable Sinner By Zindy
What's Left Of Me By Zindy
Watching It Fly By Zindy

For more information about Zindy & her art you can visit her official site by clicking the banner below...

Go To www.zindy-zone.dk...


For More Of Zindy's Merchandise Just Click Here for Zindy's Zazzle Store!

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