OUT OF STOCK! Heisenbear (10.5cm)
OUT OF STOCK! Precious (9.5cm)
Sorted (10.5cm)
Side Order (12cm)
Willy (10.5cm)
Dark Vibe (11cm)
OUT OF STOCK! Jason (10.5cm)
Vino Wine Bottle Holder (15.5cm)
Jason Glass Wall Clock (34cm)
Stitch Glass Wall Clock (34cm)
Stitch Journal (20cm)
Jason Journal (20cm)
Andre X Toilet Roll Holder (24.5cm)
Team Tankard (13cm)
4Q Tankard (13cm)
Tank Tankard (13cm)
Incredible Bruce (11cm)
Topper Lamp (30cm) Batteries Not Supplied

Bad Taste Bears

Bad Taste BearsThe Bears are back with purpose!
We can bear-ly contain their excitement about their latest product launch.
Working in collaboration with renowned artist Pete Underhill
 we are proud to present an all new collection of Bad Taste Bears.
The new range features new designs as well as some old favourites,
now as collectable numbered figurines & a new giftware collection featuring
wine bottle holders, tankards, toilet roll holders, clocks & more.

Figurines (9.5-15cm) £12.49 Each

Glass Clocks (34cm) £12.99 Each
Journals (20cm) £4.99 Each
Lamp (28cm) £48.99 Each
Tankards (13.5cm)
£19.99 Each
Trinket Box (12cm)
£12.99 Each
Wine Bottle Holder Vino 15.5cm  £19.99 Each

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